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## Implementation
#### Bags are blank nodes
The Bag is a blank node and is assumed to be the subject of the RDF statement. If it is the object of an RDF statement, it must be referenced using `[]` (we use SPARQL's `[]` to refernce blank nodes; we can't use `_:b` because of colon has structural significance within bag-info.txt).
#### Suffixing
BagiItLD provides shorthand for RDF vocabularies through "suffixes". Suffixes associate a vocabulary with a suffix that is used within the tags in the same bag-info.txt file, much like XML namespace declarations associate namespace prefixes with namespace URIs. Suffixing is accomplished by tags that start with "bagitldsuffix@" and end in a locally defined suffix. The value of a bagitldsuffix tag is the namespace to be represented by the suffix. The suffix then can be used in the tags as shorthand for properties from the vocabulary in the form `property@suffix`.
......@@ -64,6 +68,8 @@ Subject@dc: [Testing stuff, Linked Data]
In this example, the 'dc' suffix constrains 'Title', 'Date', and 'Subject' to the '` vocabulary.
Why "suffixes" and not "prefixes"? Because we can't use a colon to separate a namespace from a property as we do with XML namespaces (the colon is reserved by the BagIt specification), we use the `@` symbol. Following the convention established by email addresses, where the username precedes the @ and the domain follows it is pure syntactic sugar.
## Serialization
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